SpokeLit Disco, and Gorilla Tape Works

went to Meijer(happy to have a Wally World Alternative that’s **very** bikable, even though the traffic lights set at the entrance don’t recognize me) to see if maybe there was an alternative to Airzounds – no luck.  However, they did have a small remaining stock of Spokelits – and when I saw it was the disco version that changes colors while you ride. Slapped that bad boy on to replace the one that doesn’t like to stay on (um, yea, quality control isn’t the best and it’s got that airzounds issue of It’s CHEAPLY MADE of CHEAP STUFF and yea, switches are bitches).  I actually SLowed N-S traffic whle I was waiting to cross Vine – it is pretty funky.

Waiting for Lock Laces, and figuring it is a Good thing to Have at a Bike Event, I got some Gorilla Tape.   It worked holding the Foxfire light on (with help from the big ol’ magnets).

We’re spinning further and further away from that solstice, so 4:40 a.m. departure meant a fair amount of Really, Honestly DARK riding time.

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