I FOUND a WAY THROUGH the horrible construction on the way back 🙂 🙂 🙂

There’s a very fat alley behind Dallas’ Costume that will get you through to Third Street without doing University or SPringfield.    Wonder how long it’ll matter.

Whew!  This is a week when I really wish I could have consumed some Polyjuice potion and become somebody else — somebody with a “big picture” brain and, oh, a memory.  Then I could have done more than spend entirely too much time on little individual things wiht a lousy effort to result ratio.     I also think we should all have to live with someone else’s hair for a week  to appreciate our own coifs.

So C-U Across the Prairie happened with wonderful food from Minneci’s and great help from them — yes, they’re goin’ on the Couch Potato rotation, and yes, I hope some of the folks there who said “oh, yea, I  didn’t realize they did catering!”  make a call or two.  And hey!!! I get to say “a shout out” 😛    to Craig and Michel from Worden-Martin who devoted their Saturday and several vehicles to making this thing happen.  Schnuck’s even helped out (did I get the gift card for the food to the people to use it, though??? I *think* so … only because I *hope* they’d have made me find it… and Prudential made a rather significant financial contribution.     It was really neat to have sponsorship taht was more than a “here’s a token gift because it’s our policy ” — it was real humans saying “let’s do something that builds community.”  Yo, dude.   *All* the local bike shops chipped in, big & small.

We’ll have a debriefing – ‘praps at Jupiter’s ’cause our pre-ride planning party was fun  (Fat Tire to boot) –   With copious notes to reduce the issues that come up when different people try to figure out what works., such as remembering that a text-dense map is perhpas nice, but you should figure out the Five Big Things and put them on a Big Honking Sign.  To wit:  Our Markings Look LIke This (so don’t follow the Jay’s Fat-Ass Ride  arrows instead)… Yes, the turn is ROUGH and AWFUL lookin to get to the far rest stop, but do it anyway… okay, maybe Two Big THings 🙂

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