Airzound Chomps the Almighty

(a.k.a. bites the big one, hits the dust, no longer works)

Welp, it’s a cheapo plastic gizmo (made in Idunnoware), and it’s actually gotten used.  I wish I knew why/how it failed so that I could fix it (okay, fat chance!) or at least try to delay it happening again.  It got harder and harder to inflate – the pump guage would wail up extremely high to increase the pressure a little… and that has, no doubt, compromised the housing somewhere.

So… cruising the options I could replace this one with a newer model (can’t tell if this is themost current – it doesn’t look *exactly* like the ones online, but it’s only the labeling on the bottle that’s different).  I could get a battery powered one with a siren … or try to make a “sports” one work.  Hmmm… I definitely miss it already, and teh STOODENTS will be back in no time.  (Hmmm…. wonder if Meijer carries ’em retail?)

CUAP day after tomorrow.  I have no idea what I would need to remember. Welp, it reduces stress… but it doesn’t get things done.

One response to “Airzound Chomps the Almighty

  1. My Airzounds failed after about a year of use, I think. Cheap plastic, right you write.

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