C-U Across the Prairie’s coming

… volunteer gathering tonight at Jupiter’s — you can come, too!  (7:00… the one in downtown CHampaign, *not* the three-story mega-zprawl zoo thing out on Windsor and Duncan).

Over from Cyclicious:  Celebrities in Well-Established Lane Position ;P ( “taking the lane” in our current car culture unfortunately connotes  a zero-sum situation– taking it *away* from something… its assumed-to-be-rightful owners the Cages.)   The perpendicular-in-four-dimensions take:  “Performance” –  bike snob rap that is so bad it’s good.  Yea, I *know* that persona.

Monday heading out to the ride I had a veritable train behind me goin’ over the INterstate.  Might have been the Flash Flag … the tag on the car (SUV?) as it passed was AVE JOE .  I contemplated the equal-opportunity hymn that could be describing and googled to see it’s hip-hop (with a Starbuck’s image here and there).  Of course, that driver could just be from St. Joe down the road…

Yesterday I timed the time trial… yea, I wanted to get out there and do it on a fast bike, even clipped in — sure, I’d fall down at the end but I’d wear those scabs proudly.  Might just sneak out on the hybrid next time anyway — but no, not with the squirrel pelts in my wheels in lieu of disk wheels…  (if you click to see, don’t blame me…) Today I chirrupped two of the critters into turning around and contemplated doing a “with chirping and without” study of squirrel behavior, but they move out of my way too predictably for me to want to risk changing my behavior, even if it’s just superstition.  Yes, I *am* giong to stick the camera on my back end (the bike’s back end) and do a lane position movie, sans flags.  Maybe next week and the next since the Students will be Returning.

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