Route marking

went out on the bicycle with Anne & Nancy yesterday and marked the 15 and 35 mile routes.  Our official sentiment is that small groups on bikes are the most fun way to mark a route.  You get the cycling perspective, a good ride, and more heads to figure out where you are when the map and you are not communicating perfectly.

We had some good exercises in diplomacy, including negotiating with Dudley, the dog that *really* wanted to run wtih us.    We stopped completely and the dog kept looking back, imploring us forward… had a nice chat (rather than “you need to have your dog inside!” ) and yea, he *usually* has the dog inside but he’d just gotten home from work… so now he knows there will be (hopefully) lots of riders a week from Saturday.  When we stopped for map checks a quarter mile later we had two folks in trucks making sure we weren’t lost… and even “Oh, cyclists usually go left here.”

Now it’s out to MOnticello — yea, the weather has again kindly opened doors for me.

One response to “Route marking

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    I have a “Dudley” on one of my favorite routes.
    Owners are never around, and I can’t play with my “Dudley” all day so I have to go. He sometimes runs with me for more than 4 miles. I worry so, and am happy to see him on my next trip. I wish he would stay off the road….

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