calm before…

going to try to go out and scout CUAP routes today because of tomorrow’s forecast.  Though the forecast improves with every update, since it started with  “violent storms” it’s only gotten to the “chance o fshowers in the afternoon” … but dewpoint so incredibly high that any instigation will prompt a deluge, any time.

Co-worker expressed frustration at a bicyclist with the gall to go over the Duncan overpass on the road, and in the discussion, frustration with the rider being “out in the lane.”   I defended with the explanation that the sidewalk has a ledge in it that may, in fact, not be there any more.  However, fact is that since we can absolutely count on cyclists not being considered until they complain, even if this might be one of those cases where the sidewalk’s safer (it’s not as if pedestrians use it), you can’t count on it.  However, that would be an arguable thing and so I stuck with the reality that our overpasses simply aren’t designed to accommodate their traffic, and therefore, yes, you need to sit behind the cyclist until they get to the top, even if they’re working hard to get to 8 mph.  Yes, I said unto her, the rider is smart to move *out* and make you do that, because otherwise cars will pass regardless and suddenly there are two cars *and* a bicycle in that space.

I also didn’t bring up that  notion that really, honestly, slowing TF down for a full 30 seconds on an overpass might not be horrible day-wrecking ordeal unless you let it be thus, though I recognize that we’re biologically arranged for that imposition to inspire secretion of stress hormones and it takes conscious effort to reframe the thought structure and prevent that.

Crept up a tad in the bikejournal ranks this week — left NancyBoy from Australia in my wake, though of course he’s in winter.  Some of the fokls I ranked close to by the end of the year last year seem far away — NEVERSTANDFRED at 633 miles ahead… velosaurusrex 422… and the fact is that once teh semester starts my Mondays go from 50+ to 14 miles, which really makes a hit on the totals.  I’ve also tried to convince my wiring that, um, bj ranking and the accolades for doing 10,000 miles in a year will pale under the light of … oh, that online interactive math or spelling lesson that’s brewing on my back burner.

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  1. Keep fightin the good fight, changing minds is thankless work.

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