Dog days they aren’t, tho’ I hear it’ll get to 88 tomorrow.

Just ordered two foxfire lights from – one for the Xtracycle ’cause the other one fell off, and another with the bicycle mount On General Principle, perhaps to go on the Dahon.  These babies pack 26 LEDs but somehow don’t suck a lot of juice – four AA batteries, I do believe, gave me my summer night rides and if I remember right I get amonth out of ’em in the winter when they’re on every night.  I went with amber and I’m sticking with it.

They also handle falling off, which happened several times where I heard it (hence I got spoiled into thinking I would and didn’t get around to putting it on more securely).  I’ll order more LockLaces, too, which are excellent for securing shoes, their stated purpose, as well (without tying). They worked much better than bungees, but after two years of sunlight the elastic eventually failed.

3 responses to “August!

  1. Looking at the Foxfire site, it appears the 26 led lights are not cycling specific. How did you mount them?

  2. I get the non-bicycle-specific one for the Xtracycle (which has a steel plate on the back that the magnets stick to with a little help from lock laces); they recently added one with a bicycle mount (wonder if they trimmed the magnets) for another ten bucks.
    The 3D aspect means I get side view, too (tho’ I’m not giving up my spokelit for that).

  3. Oh… look in their “categories” for bicycle lights; it’s down near the bottom of the offerings. They have littler ones, too.

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