C=U Across the Prairie

Welp,  of course we’re short on volunteers  – but we just made reservations for the party at Jupiter’s for volunteers.  I think I’ll hit on my student workers who like free meals 😉   And Minneci’s is doing lunch, hooray!  And my zipcard came so soon as I activate it I *could* conceivably have a car for weird stuff.

I finished my letter to go to WICD (informing them what “close to the right as practicable” means) tho’ not sure exactly how to deliver the message and who to cc. Just went out and did the 6-mile loop-and-tag that got me addicted to cycling strongly.  (Makes for almost 10 mies counting getting out to Windsor and Race.)  Now time to tackle more of the Heinous List of Crap To Do for CUAP … with the motivation of “get done soon and you can go fast again!”  I definitely *haven’t* been riding fast much… my lungs are informing me of that now 😉   I can blame it on my competitive nature, since there’s a bikejournal.com competition for spending the most *hours* on the bike, and while I’m not in the top five, I’m in the top ten…

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