Photos from today’s lil’ century

I spent a fair amount of time on this ride a teeny bit lost – and GPS couldn’t find a satellite – and in the “you know you’re addicted to cycling” category, honestly, my thought was “oh, goody!  more miles and different roads!”  Yea, I made sure I had water and crackers… and reflected that yes, I *could* get too lost and get hungry or overheated or  dehydrated or otherwise road stupd…

but I didn’t 🙂

Went to Mahomet – via “the hobbit house” – first pic …P5240227.JPG

yea, the road is still a bit gravelly there but it’s mostly beaten down.   Then I stopped at Casey’s for provisions so I could ride like Lance.


The park was rully purty in the morning


Crossed the covered bridge – that nice fellow has a happy, happy dog in the trailer.


Once off the paths it’s onto the roads… rather nice roads…


Doesn’t this make you want to go on the ride?  C-U Across the Prairie…  I revised the route to dodge some gravel and picked up this yard festering with lilies and daisies and … whatever these are.  In fact, the whole bloomin’ ride was festering with flamboyance.


After this last pic I focused more on riding (if you haven’t guessed, I’m a “text” person.  I tend to take pictures of horses behind poles becaues I know the horse is there…) – speculating on the nature of “Custom Garage VBS.”  Jesus is everywhere…

Custom Garage VBS ... a denomination I'm not familiar with...

Custom Garage VBS ... a denomination I'm not familiar with...

3 responses to “Photos from today’s lil’ century

  1. VBS = Vacation Bible School. The advertising can certainly use some more work.

  2. I tried for the life of me to figure out something *else* it could be — that a person would register f0r — but, as the caption says, I’m not familiar with the “garage” denomination.

  3. It occurred to me afterwards that you obviously know what VBS stands for.

    Maybe call that number and see how they answer the phone? “First Church of the Custom Garage.”

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