Engine Killer Ray

Here’s why I stand bywanting my Engine Killer Ray, from Maureen Dowd as the conclusion to her op-ed describing her near accident because of texting, and her resignation to her dependence on the machines:

“Sounds like a computerized death machine. But, as our dealers know, we’ll never disconnect.”

Sigh.  We just can’t. Too bad.  I just ***can’t*** hang up, even though doing that kills people, and I know it.  Poor me, to be so helpless. (yes, she says there should be laws against it. )

I want to haul off and slap her.  WAKE UP.  (Not slap her to cause injury… slap her out of that hapless dream.)

Give your keys to somebody else, lady.  You’re not mature or responsible enough to drive.  You know how dangerous it is, but you keep doing it.  YOu’ve already crashed, but you keep doing it.   After how many more deaths will you be saying that “after all these deaths and laws against it, I keep doing it” ??

The comments are already disabled… but I’d have chimed in to ask why so many people are thanking her for that article and *love* it.  They sound happy.  Perhaps they, too, think that a law will solve the problem? (At least *some* of them said things like “two words:  pull over.”)

One pithy comment from the group:

“Marijuana is a felony in many places, even though it’s almost never the cause of auto accidents or other serious crimes. But, as you said, cell phones roam free.”

One response to “Engine Killer Ray

  1. People can be very frustrating! We are ‘addicted’ to our gizmos. I have no idea why we feel the phone can’t wait the short time it takes to reach one’s destination.

    Seen on my bike commute home today: Young HS ager girl riding with no hands on her bike, texting with her phone on Winchester. She was looking at her phone, not the road. Yeesh.

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