Wielding Power :)

I pulled up to the light at Country Fair and Bradley, having seen a fairly long line of small and large vehicles adn having expected a green along the way.  “It’s been green forever!” the lady in the car in front says out her window to me.

“I’ll just take care of that.”

Fortunately, the walk light button *did* work and in ten seconds we were all on our way.  As I entered the school, someone coming in behind me said to his compatriot, “we were at that light for 8 minutes!”  and acknowledged that another biker had let them through.  Given the timing, I think it may have been me… but it’s completely plausible that ever 8 minutes or so a cyclist goes through.

Hmmm… so, could a person disable the car-trip at other lights and have bicyclists more obviously be the LIberators?

One response to “Wielding Power :)

  1. In Wisconsin, the law says if you’ve sat at a red light for 45 seconds and you have reason to believe it is controled by a car sensor, you can run it – on a bike. The cars might still have to wait.

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