Stable condition…

He was going west.  Wrong way on the sidewalk is a crappy idea at the best of times.  Afternoons on Kirby in front of McMaggots… c’mon, kiddo, heal up.

The report said Waheed pulled into the sidewalk while looking at traffic coming from the east at the same time as Jackson arrived on his bicycle. Jackson had just pulled his bike in front of the van when Waheed rolled over Jackson and his bicycle.

When firefighters arrived a few minutes later, they found Jackson beneath the minivan.”

Get out on the street.  Go the same direction as traffic.  Hey, if it doesn’t have to be Kirby, that would be better… still, the driver was looking at *traffic* (as in, in the road) towards the east and pulled forward… didn’t see the cyclist at all. IMO, yes, drivers need to be trained and responsible for looking at sidewalks too… but we can take some of the responsibility for educating people RE: the hazards of being on the sidewalk, because it *feels* safer… until you’re under a minivan.

One response to “Stable condition…

  1. I hear you on this one….I see students doing that crap all the time around our local university and I just want to shake them for it.

    They’re not going to see you if you’re coming from a direction that is opposite of the normal traffic flow!

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