Rabbit, rabbit

… so I was one, I think.  Went by a fellow on Country Fair.  I get to the light and he’s cutting over to the left to the sidewalk — yea, the “wrong way down the sidewalk” — and his strategy is to cross when he’s halfway down, and dodge traffic to get across.  Welp, I’d say he’s less likely to land under a minivan ’cause he is actively dodging traffic, but … it ain’t worth the ten seconds gained, IMO.  Hey, just ride faster 🙂

I’m on the Trek because it’s Monday.  Still (barely) on 1000-mile-July pace. Got online CUAP and PCC registration done 😛 🙂 🙂   … will link to CUAP online reg once otehrs have found the mistakes that have to be there…

2 responses to “Rabbit, rabbit

  1. I just started commuting again by bike- 3 miles one-way- and I’m 58 years old. If I can do it….. Hey, we really need to start giving some real attention to retrofitting our auto-centric street system in Champaign-Urbana to make biking a lot safer, more appealing and prevalent. With all of the successful strategies being implemented in other communities- there is just no excuse not to give this issue a lot more emphasis and devote more resources to this problem. The time added to your typical vehicle trip in the twin cities by modifying some of our more deadly arterial and collector streets would be, in a word, trivial. The enhancement to quality of life would be substantial. Lets start taking a serious look at putting some of our roads on a diet (e.g., converting some four-lane drag strips to three-lane cross sections with a center left turn lane). Can anyone with a straight face, for example, say Prospect Avenue between Kirby and Bradley is a safe- efficient roadway?) And again, Oh my gosh, it might take an extra two minutes to get from Southwest Champaign to Lowes. Lets pretend we’re the home of one of the great public universities in the Country- Oh that’s right, we are- and get to the front of the pack on this, where we belong!

  2. Indeed.

    And it’s 50-something 3-mile commuters who will make it happen, especially when they recognize the value of Road Diets (a.k.a. turning four-lane drag strips into three lane cross sections) 🙂

    There are still people who think that road diets are “suicide lanes” — ignoring reality and crash statistics and traffic flow.

    But hey, when I get my Engine Death Ray going, they’ll all have to ride their bikes 😛 😛

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