quotes out of context

… note to self:  remember that… (if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing).

So Joel, who’s a fun guy and does a lot for cycling … pulls my statement about wanting a magic killer ray to wave at trucks and SUVs and sticks it on smilepolitely.  Must remember that, well, I”ve never been impressed with the comments posted there… but I don’t at all appreciate the irony of being tagged as a flinger of antagonistic rhetoric.  Of course, the other note to self is that, for whatever reason, as soon as it’s about bicycles and cars on the road, it’s suddenly flame city, period.

I mean, I also frequently wish that I could have a magic killer ray to turn guns into flowers.  Is that antagonistic rhetoric, too?

2 responses to “quotes out of context

  1. To me, the quote looks pretty calm–I mean, what you said is not really radical at all–it was a statement of how you sometimes feel. How immature do people have to be to not understand that feelings are different than actions, and that we can’t really decide how other people feel? Commenters who have poor reading comprehension can take the quote in a new direction, of course–but that’s their problem. I don’t see how saying “gee, when people get killed, I feel like it would be nice for some of these engines to just go away and stop hurting everybody” is antagonistic at all. Sometimes I feel like I had a death ray, but it would be a lot more of an antagonistic death ray than yours!

  2. Thanx — yea, that’s exactly where I was… and I decided that emotions aside … yes, I stand by the idea that fewer SUVs would be a good idea (tho’ it has been duly noted that the increased ground clearance might have saved the kiddo; on the other hand, a lower point of impact might have just knocked him down instead of … ugh… plowing him under… the News-Gazette says he’s in stable condition.

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