Don’t like dusk…

… and/or yes, the blue bike’s so much more invisible.  Okay, the jerk doing the left turn right in front of me saw me perfectly well, and his window was open so he heard me call him a jerk.  (Glad that a different word came forth than the last time 😉 )  The lady in the land yacht, though, just didn’t see me (but I saw her not seeing me, too )  and was quite sheepish.  However, it was 20 minutes later and I was almost home but not lit up.

Got in 52 miles ’cause I was going faster, though, and three of us split off the front for a “2.5” ride out towards Monticello and back to where the bears used to be ( the ones being researched at Carle to figure out why they can go all winter breathing and only slowing down their metabolisms, but not poison themselves with their own wastes; they should research me, good people, who can ride 100 miles drinking steadly, without micturating 😛 No, don’t tell ’em…

Tomorrow back to the big guy 😉  mebbe ductape the camera to the back jes’ for fun.   Wonder what Channel 17 will do with their “special report”  – and who knows, maybe the reporter who talked to us at the fourth of July parade is the person who brought the idea back to ’em.


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