Duly note:

… I just watched the video of my television appearance. Snork.  “A regular on Bradley and Prospect,”  NOT.  A regular avoider of both, except for the 200 yards from Country Fair to Parkalnd — and coming in, I usually take the sidewalk (going home, I can generally beat the Eastbound traffic from the Parkland exit to Country Fair stoplight; coming in, not so and there’s usually not a soul on the sidewalk and there are no driveways to cause conflict).  I cross Prospect – but don’t have to ride on it, for which I am grateful.

That said, I’m overdue for a haircut … and I like the clips they chose.  Yes, I like the footage of Xtracycle out there for all the world to see 🙂  I also like that they remembered Sherry in the story.  That’s the stuff, IMHO, that makes a news program more than prepackaged processed information pellets – it’s a genuine connection.

Now for the real excitement (when I could be riding — it’s gorgimous out there!) – going to go join Prairie CYcle Club ONLINE and see if it works!!!  Then connect it to the whole world!

One response to “Duly note:

  1. hey. finally got this watched. nice!

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