100 miles :)

Hmmm… been too busy to write about the stuff being busy with!  The news story is online – “In the way or Right of Way?” I’ve read the text but the video doesn’t want to play, which I really don’t mind, having no desire to see myself televised 😉 (Doesn’t it “add 15 pounds” or something?  I know that watching video of my teaching was excruciating…)   A driver interviewed wants to give us “Nascar Bumps” to “get them off the side of the road.” That immediately after saying cyclists take the whole road.   Which is it, kind sir?  Sounds like you don’t want us on the side, either.  Oh, but you ride a bike sometimes, so your desire to brush us out of your convenience like flies is valid… not.   I rather hope you don’t come along behind a group like the folks last Monday night who really *did* take up the whole lane (and I realized that had somebody honked, a rider might have twitched and caused a major crash… so p’raps I’ll keep the air horn in holster…)

The “sunrise” TV segment was an exercise in contrast.  First, though they’d called The BIke Project asking for participants, not one word was spent talking about anything they do there.  She said she was going to ask us about “bike paths.”  When I suggested that “bike route” was a better term, she used that (and said she’d just found out that was the better term), and Tony & I talked about the Bicycle Master Plan and its public in put and that yes, Main Street had been recognized as an important place for improvement.  (I didn’t manage to get in that education was part of it, too.)  I’ve no reason to believe she knows where Main Street goes in Urbana, and it was an excellent question but… none of the crew except the camera lady seemed to know where TBP was, much less what it did.  Then she wanted to know about my bike (having already said that Tony’s was a Huffy “and they don’t even make them any more”) and its blender.   Wish I’d found a way to work The Bike Project back into the mix 😉

Time to ride… yesterday did 100. Pics soon.

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