Saw chunks of the Tour de Champaign today.  I’d requested an 8:00 shower and… exactly.  Couple people were out there for the Saturday Saunter and I told ’em I was pulling my prerogative to say “it’s raining, no leader” and rode out a little, but then went to the Tour.  It stopped even sprinkling so the course was dry.  Watched the first group — yea, it looked like fun. Watched Anona clean up the 3-4-5 group … and then ride rather awesomely with the 1-2-3’s …   Go, go go 🙂 🙂 🙂

I did, though, comment about the rain doing my bidding at 8:00, and then I requested that the clouds clear away.  Within 5 seconds there was a very bright bolt of lightning and a clap of thunder, and within five minutes it was pouring. Um, no, there hadn’t been so much as a rumble previously.  Yes, really.

Then it was off to the Bike Co=op which was manageably busy — sold a few bicycles, brought in a few members, and sort of got the hose clamp on the Flash Flag, except it was too big so I ran out of room to make it tight. It’ll work ’til I get a teenier hose clamp. I’d stood there debating between the “it’s always bigger than it looks” and “but if it’s too small it’s useless” at TruValu… I’m thinking of taping the camera behind my bike for the commute Monday and Tuesday, once with and once without the flag. (then doing it again wiht different lane positions, and then, who knows, with a wig?)

Yesterday’s ride highlights — once I was heading west it was like last years 200K except taht I was on the Trek. Guess what?  A lighter bike is faster.  My cell phone GPS worked between Bement and Monticello where I wasn’t quite sure where I was last year… it found me down to the corner. Nice to know if I go a wanderin’ tho I have to know where the cell phone is and have it charged.  And that 2:00 appointment?  Welp, I’d have been back in time, though a tad redolent, with 100 miles.  Stopped by Champaign Cycle to get a bottle cage (the pink one had broken off – aluminum life is finite), and was greeted as a celebrity based on all those TV appearances the day before… and asked when I’d lubed my chain based on the crustiness of the Dahon that last visit, since “I hear you’re not good at that.”  (and the chain was lubed on the spot).  Now, if I hadn’t started taht century at 5:30, it would have gone even more smoothly 🙂

I think that like “The Mouse That Roared,”  “Prisoner of Azkaban” is as good as the book.

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  1. Richmondwriter

    We were watching Prisoner of Azkaban last night too! And I remarked that it was the best one.

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