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… I hate and loathe that Sherry got crashed into.  What’s also galling is that, welp, if they’d been riding more like our horribly untidy and rude group last night, *maybe* the driver would have been yanked from his/her ozone (or might have done worse, who knows).

It was on the news last night – and guess what?  It was a *crash.*  To wit: “CHAMPAIGN COUNTY–Witnesses are still shaken up. They can’t believe someone would leave the scene of a crash while their friend was lying in the middle of the road. The crash happened around 9:30 Monday morning on Sadorus Road just west of Tolono. The rider is recovering.”

The story actually conveyed that cycling was somethign healthy adults (of a wide range of ages) could be expected to do.

One response to “News story

  1. Andy in Germany

    It’s an awful thing, to happen, but I do see your point on the commentary.

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