flash flag

I emailed cycle9 to inquire “ever put one of these on an Xtracycle?”

Of course, Elise replied, I have one on mine.  She sent pictures of how she used a hose clamp to put it on the back.  Now, soon as I have both a flathead (for the hose clamp) and a phillips head (for the flash flag) and a wire cutter (to make room for the screw from the flash flag in the hose clamp), and the flash flag and the xtracycle all together at one time, I’ll make it happen.  In the meantime, I wrapped it around the buckle strap and it’s sticking out to the side or straight up but being a nice flaggy flag.  Yes, it’s   Retroreflective *really* grabs oyour eye stuff and yes, I got three of ’em so I can share.

A little more trash than usual on Bradley at Parkland – but not much.  More a testimony to people not walking on teh sidewalk than their cleanliness, I fear. Lots of fireworks signage left but it seems they were mindful of keeping the sidewalks accessible. I thought about the fascinating potential for making Civic Impact with bicycles at big-crowd outdoor events. They wouldn’t be any faster, perhaps, getting through people crowds — but I could be wrong.  Hmmm…. how ’bout some experiments?  Would riding slowly or just using the thing as a “plow” of sorts be the best?   It’s the traffic stuff that could be more interesting… sticking hte right lighting on the Xtra and people could think it was Official.  Then there are the interesting potentials of car-bike combos.  A folding bike to escape through car-impassable territory… with a car to toss it in …

TIme to get productive 😉

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