Now channel 17, too ;)

Last week channel 3, Channel 15 for next THursday, and today a spontaneous interview from Channel 17.

Parade — “rain or shine.”  “Still on.”  (two hours ago Twitter.)   Oh, but at 12:30… cancelled.  Weather and low spectator turnout.  So the reporter is standing there with gear and umbrella and nothing to film.  Rick Langlois and I provided, with the Share the ROad bus in the background.  Yea, I called all them car people wimps for not being able to handle a little weather 😉

I was disgusted and wondering how much overlap with Habitat for Humanity there is among the staff, since they, also, canceled after folks had committed time and effort without regard for same – but realized that unlike the Habitat Ride, there well could have been lots of miserable people begging to go home instead of trudge down the not-too-crowded streets.

Suggestions:  take “rain or shine” away. Say “if it looks like it won’t be fun, we won’t do it.” Maybe even say “we’re weenies, after all.  People may have sacrificed for freedom, but this is just a parade!”  Waiting ’til everybody was out there in the rain just to PROVE that it was miserable for those who’d made the commitment is incompetent… yes, the weather’s fooled us but *absolutely* by 11:00, things weren’t going to get much better.

and…  If you saw it was raining and you were going to be miserable, YOU should have stayed home.  It’s just rain, fer cryin’ out loud.  Toughen up!

All those floats talking about the Sacrifices For Our Country – and we can’t even walk in the rain to commemorate it?

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