Got Dahon back and 70 miles :)

Did “C-U Around” ride today, with a full Mahomet Lake-of-the-Woods Loop.  (Tentative Next Week:  go out and test drive CUAP route…. leaving early so I can get back in time for stuff.)

Possibly my favorite ride of the season.  A dozen or so of us went out to Mahomet, at 14-ish mph, but pausing at the Old HOuses, the Rising Grain Elevator (the womannequin is there but ensconced in fur and hardhat – can’t see handcuffs or dog collar or riding crop, but perhaps it’s just not the season in wommanequin fashion), and Casey’s.  A truly fun, friendly ride.   Then at the end of the bike path five of us went north while the others went back, and Eliz. and I peeled in on the Urbana side of town (we went in Highcross, cutting into Beringer Circle and Main Street).  There were dogs but the one that actually went into the road retreated when I told him to 😛  (Yea, I used *that* voice :))

Then hopped on Xtra to go out to the other side of town… then down to Champaign Cycle to get my Dahon which, when I left it, had the recalled handlebar and a chain that was. well, um, a little rusty.  Day-glo, more like.  Welp, no rusty chain now 😉 Elves, I tell ya 🙂 Nothin’ in the recall about chains….

Yes, one day I *will* sing my song, like really sing it in there with bikes  for props even.  Hey, if somebody finds a keyboard and can bang out a chord or two, we could record it there 😉   I was almost tempted to try the WSD Madone 5.2 in a 56 … but the *truth* is… I luv my Xtra.  I think I would break the Madone. (And no, I don’t have three grand lying about.  But, okay, I shall buy a lottery ticket…)  It’s on sale, along wiht some other carbon fiber bikes… and I know they ride sweeeetly…

THink I’ll sneak out before the sun goes down an the rain comes in just to see what the Dahon feels like.  Why stop at 72?  Could I do a second 1000 mile month?  I’m already 133 miles into it….

Flash Flags arrived.  Designed to be installed on Seat Stay.  What in the world is a seat stay????  Address given to inquire about installing on carriers for some other part – but the part would go on the carrier.  Will see if there’s anything from that company online … or it might be ductape time…

Oh… and Rich was describing the assorted singing that was happening on GITAP, and the concept of the “Singing Paceline” came up.  The very image … hmmm… I think that *would* have to be Photoshop…

One response to “Got Dahon back and 70 miles :)

  1. Seat stay is the bar of your frame that connects the seat to where the rear dropouts meet the axle of the rear wheel.

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