Journalism II -local this time

Have pics – will post if I have time, but I’m budgeting the minutes. Channel 3 folks came by work at 5:00 for a story on commuting and the relationships between cyclists and drivers.

As with when the News-Gazoo did the story with Joyce Mast, I’m easily impressed with any story that goes beyond “Some people ride their bikes.  You should wear your helmet.”  “Things” really have shifted.  A person gets accustomed to that “You are so AMAZING” (or crazy…)  and a need to find all the assorted eccentricities that would conspire to make a person, OMG, ride a bike when  s/he really COULD be driving a car.  Now, I don’t know what reporter & video guy were thinking, but there seemed to be a little less of a canyon between us.  We’ll see how it spins out, but I didn’t get the feeling that they were doing this story  like the story about the Florida speedo-wearing cyclist … the questions were more about cycling — as if it were something worth considering — than “what would inspire a person to do such an odd thing.”

I didn’t tell ’em that this very morning when, on CHurch Street I was asserting my lane position and the yahoos that passed me hollered out the window… but then, again, the passenger hollered while the driver passed me with well more than the three feet required by law, so it didn’t have the “hollering in your ear” effect that the guy probably desired.  More evidence that Holding Your Lane Works 🙂

I did totally and completely lust after the cute cameras they hooked up to my bike.  Oh, my.  I did a running commentary as I rode, wishing I had practiced my “Camtasia voice,” but knowing that actually the audio was going to have that tinge of smugness that sends  nonverbal cues I don’t intend.  Riding home I was reflecting that cycling has improved my visual “nonverbal interpretation” immensely.

It’s 9:00 and the time is budgeted for strawberry and banana slicing, ’cause I’m a-gonna try to achieve Sanitary Smoothies tomorrow.  Pictures to come 😛


3 responses to “Journalism II -local this time

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    Well, there WILL be some linkage to the article/report, yes?

  2. Ya, you betcha! It’s supposed to air next week.

  3. Im pretty sure the hollerin’ from the car was cheering for how many miles you get. 🙂

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