Long Beach bicycling article –– I’d say this is testimony to the INternet having enough space to really tell a story.  Yes, it’s long – but it’s reasonably deep, as well.  “The scoop,” as it were, I say with happiness that something would make me say a phrase reminiscent of the Old Days of reporting.

It includes tasty tidbits like that Long Beach got a bronze award for bike-friendliness… but, um, it was based on bogus information and outright lies, and lots of bike activists were kinda sorta accidently not included in the process.

YEt the story wasn’t spun into an oversimplified “it’s all bogus politics” cotton candy article.  It’s much more challenging to digest.  I’m going to defy the current culture and take the time to do it, especially since I’ve already said I’m taking some “sick time” tomorrow.  I have enough of a cold to need more sleep but not enough to *stay* in bed. Cycling kinda ups the health level, ya know, and those Emergen-C rations prob’ly aren’t hurting, either.  It’s a nasty, though not systemic, critter – coughing *hurts* — but no more than getting up a steep hill, and I do know the value of Thoroughly Expunging Mucosoids. (Alas, one way I know colds from The Usual Allergies is that the snot rockets don’t work so well.)

Got 1025 miles on the month 🙂   Time for Nyquil … when you decide to have some wine and then realize you got down a *bowl* from the cupboard, it’s time for bed.  (THat was after the recognition that a minute is TOO LONG for an already toasted bagel to be microwaved, but it makes an interesting color smoke.)  Think I’ll avoid sharp objects… Channel 3 called and will interview me on the morrow so I was reflecting on driving and cycling and that I decided to thwart the cultural acceptance that people just do kill people with cars and that’s just too bad…  I don’t *deny* that it’s true – but I refuse to spend more time using those dangerous and inherently destructive things than I have to.  Yes, that sounds BIZARRE – but only because, I sincerely believe, of the cultural inertia that means that “every body does it — so it *must* be okay!”  and … because denial is *so* much more comfortable.  THen there was that reflection about the “but you’re stupid to ride a bike because cars can hurt you” – which is accepting that Might Makes Right, and of course tractor trailers can hurt you, too, but you’re taking that HOnda on I-74, aren’t you? Yes, I think a lot of our Powers that Be think that as long as you are the biggest oppressor, you’re nto an oppressor because you’ll trample anybody who calls you one.

But I think I’ll try to keep the positive Urbana vibes goin – the “this is how you live IN the world, as part of it” instead of crashing through it with the toughest armor you can find.

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