From cycle-licious –  link to a real story about a Tallahassee bikini=clad bicycle ‘bum’ – just read it.  He could get a verse in that song about recovering heroes…

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  1. Good article! You know, what strikes me in the article is the statement that non-cyclists were designing and implementing the cycling infrastructure. To some extent, that same thing has happened in Springfield, as evidenced by bike lanes with on-street parking on their right…exposing the unwary cyclist to the door zones.

    In addition, there is one street here where they’re placing islands in the middle at crosswalks, thus effectively narrowing the street where it is shared by both a traffic lane and a bike lane. This creates a bottleneck effect that forces cars even closer to the bike lane. You’ve gotta wonder if some of these engineers have actually ever tried to ride a bike down those streets in traffic!

    • No kidding. When I saw where our campus “bike path” went through a bus stop… I realized that no, there wasn’t some logic I was missing – the paths were not safely designed. Disillusion and liberation, as it were…

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