The Fourth is Coming!

Usually it sneaks up on me.

So, how can I make my bicycle express “Lincoln’s Legacy?”  (the theme for this year)

I took half a sign language course once, and learned that the sign for  Lincoln… based on the letter “L” up on the head like his hat.  Out at a bar in West Virginia we melded that with the “I love you” sign to make “Lincoln Loves You.”  Hey, no matter how bad a day you’re having, Lincoln Loves You.  (I told my sixth grade class about that… and ‘way later in the year I was having a bad day and Lisa Gagne said it to me. Some little gestures linger fondly in the memory ;))

Let’s see… could I do up the back end like unto a log cabin?

2 responses to “The Fourth is Coming!

  1. Hmmm, a log cabin bicycle.

    Will Illinoisans think you’re a gay Republican cyclist, then?

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