I have done what was done unto me

… only it wasn’t something I’m proud of 😉

I told that triathlete doin’ rounds at Parkland all about our “laid back” rides. Ya know, just like certain people do to me, assuming that if you’re on a hybrid and you don’t suffer from sculpted muscles that you don’t go fast? And it bugs some folks. Welp… they say they’re there couple times a week. Perhaps I’ll see ’em again.
Trying to get to 25 and a “quarter” so I did around the block. Lady backed out of a driveway on Hawthorne with a big ol’ grin on her face… man and kid or two in the yard, with a wading pool and water, kid butt nekked and just summer. “Hello!” “How you doin?” “Excellent!” “You live here?” “Just over there…” Talk to a neighbor, dudes, wading pools and fewer clothes beats cloistered a.c. any day… except mine’s on for this week. After all, you gotta run it a bit so it works… but I’ll still talk to the neighbors…

One response to “I have done what was done unto me

  1. We leave ours on so our Siberian Husky doesn’t suffer so much in the heat.
    Of course, the rest of us benefit as well. 🙂

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