Yesterday’s “top searches”

toe clips,  oxidized bicycle,  gitap 2009,  “peter davis” urbana, il,  and windy has stormy eyes.

Yes, my bike’s a tad oxidized in spots.

Looked at some footage at my attempted filming.  That video camera doesn’t have a view finder of any sort so lots of ’em are not at an ideal angle.  Basically, it’s not really the best instrument for the task.  Re-considering the “FLIP” camera.

Yes, I was right.  Riding through the celestial sprinkler yesterday was much more comfortable and pleasant than slogging through the sauna today.

Bumped up the bikejournal ranks a little yesterday (still not on Howard’s page, but getting closer!) and could make a 1000 mile month.  Friday’s forecast is 91 so I might just do a morning metric andthen, oh, cleanthe house and find my keys or something.

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  1. Sue, I have a Flip Mino HD camera. I love it.


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