Rain :)

75 or 80 degrees this morning, so the clouds on the horizon didn’t bother me.  “Tri shorts” and a T-shirt under the gore-tex and it was like playing in the sprinkler.  Happily, not a lot of electricity.

The drive train is making lots of noise – as in, “you rode me in the rain and I’m full of grit!” so I reckon I should take it down to teh coop and get it up on a rack and take a toothbrush and Tri-flow to it.

Went back into bikejournal.com to see that last June I did 1,058 miles – and took the Trek to GITAP because the front wheel was making its first grinding (later screaming) noises.  I’m thinking that they may have fixed that setup… and that since it’s taken to consuming itself rather quickly (5000 miles?) it’s time to replace the setup… research to happen…

One response to “Rain :)

  1. Buy a can of WD40 and hose the entire drive train down immediately after riding in the rain. It will make your life easier.
    Trust the Mayor!

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