Back from GITAP :)

Didn’t bring ‘puter… just might bring it *and* the blender next time – ya know, if I’ve become an organized person or something.
Had a reporter on the ride (will find that & link) and talked up the Xtra a fair bit… didn’t think ’til Friday, tho’, to encourage people to get on it & try it.
Liking new saddle except for the visual unease at how, welp, if I do to saddles what my big bro does to saddles then the cutout will widen. Didn’t happen with first 400 miles, though…
Good to be back in Urbana.


4 responses to “Back from GITAP :)

  1. No matter how great the trip, it’s always good to get back home.

  2. Home is good. Nearly broken in saddle is good too.
    I STILL prefer my recumbent for the touring, and long rides though!
    You would be AWESOME on a Strada Sioux!

  3. Which saddle did you wind up with ?

  4. A friend’s Selle Anatomica Titanico that didn’t work for her. My backside’s not particularly particular, but the last seat wore out in a year with chunks coming off. Maybe I ride too hard 😉
    Yea, I’ll get batteries in the camera and get some pictures soon!

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