Almost to GITAP

Been riding theXtracycle with the Gazelle wheel.  Yesterday I did a quick, successful lunch hour tire change to the non-studded fat-enough tire (since the one from the original Xtra wanted to pop off the rim ’cause it was too skinny), and accidentally noticed the word “rotation” stamped into it… but still actually installed it backwards.  So I deflated and rotated and stuck it back on inless than four minutes (!?!? 🙂 )  … and came out at 5:00 and the thing was flat.  Methinks, tho’, that I sort of forgot thatlast step of, um, inflating it, since I pumped it up and it’s been peachy since.  Still, time to crank out morning doodies and sneak down to CHampaign Cycle at lunch time because I’m not sure the back tire is in good shape.  Hard to say – seems one ofthe layers isn’t *sticking* to the rest of the tire, but does that really matter when it’s rolling?

Yesterday was a bit odd in that in the morning, I had to pause at just about every intersection for traffic (not heavy, but there) – but for the goin-out-to-Country-Fair ride, it was the stuff of ghost towns.  Crossed Green and even Prospect without a pause.  Guess everybody was leaving town in the morning … ‘cept this morning was pretty normal.

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