“damaged love receptors”

… that was on the marquee of hte church I rode by.  How is the obedience of slavery different from the obedience of faith?  love?

Must be SUnday 🙂

In search of… oops, that goes on the clutter blog.  A few  minutes before I head out for a ride if it isn’t raining and it kinda looks like it will hold off.  GITAP is next week so I need to get some miles in.  (I had been thinking “oh, I need to get stuff done – I’ll get to ride all I want next week” but realized that hey, the “I need to get some miles in” is a good excuse to ride before, too 😛 😛  – and since I’m the only person to make excuses to, I get to decide if it’s valid or not ;))

One response to ““damaged love receptors”

  1. GITAP came up this weekend in my circle of riding buddies — you and I may one day run into each other!

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