Why wait for type 2?


“time for the rides of my life”

ARticle about a lady who decides to be a “red rider” in the “Tour de Cure” for diabetes, since she’s Type 2, and others have had major health improvements doing that… oh, and she didn’t know how to ride a bike.  You go girl!!!!

Rest of the world:  Why wait?  Why do you/we need a flogging huge fundraising organization to get us out there and moving?  Inpire ourselves and each other ’cause there’s just so much financial, emotional, and cognitive overhead for that big stuff (um, yea, recent local efforts come to mind).

Which reminds me.

Little bro got married ‘way up in the woods at Rapidan. It was a rather significant part of our upbringing, and I realized that yes, it planted seeds in fertile soil (dare I say with metaphorical mychorrizal fungi too?) for bicycling.  You see, for the week we spent up there once a year as our family vacation, welp, cars were sort of beside the point.  The road up there is 5 miles of dirt and rocks so once there… we hiked.  Even to get to Skyline Drive, it was a 6 mile hike vs. a 45+ mile drive, since the fire road is closed to the public. Oh, and what happens at Rapidan stays at Rapidan — or you carry it down the mountain yourself.  No collection of anything.  There’s hot and cold running water, but heat’s from the fireplace.   And, of course, you’re in nature and can see its beauty…and the concept of “sustainable” is something you do, not something you consider.


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