Who am I?

There was a weird rash of drivers ignoring my right-of-way day before yesterday … the second and third at the same four-way stop (Vine and Washington — yes, a four-way that I see more folks “being bad” at than others).  I pulled up just barely after car 1 gets to Southbound stop, and he proceeds – and the guy behind him *right* after ward, so quickly, it would seem, to make sure I didn’t get a chance to start (hmmm… should I thank him?)  and in the meantime, as I laid on the horn,  and my big fat light did a good job of illuminating his face (which seemed mildly surprised and young and male- wasn’t direct illumination) a third, even later dude pulls up Northbound.  So I proceed and Mr. North simply starts proceeding.  I was so surprised that I played chicken and won… and cursed boldly, as if from the voice of that young male and figured I was being too easily impressed and that I should contemplate nonviolent reactions more regularly 😉  Next day I peeked at Boing Boing  and the description of a YouTube video of a man who was arrested and taken down by police, for charges unmentioned, who complained vociferously but politely (“I am at peace with all”) and was tased and prayed harder and then escaped.  Hmmm….(I wonder if he turned himself in later or what…)

I’m wondering what the hidden factor behind the driving issues is — a:  I looked different (but I wasn’t on the fast bike, which sometimes has that effect), b:  hey, I wasn’t *here* for a week, and therefore people forgot how to drive around bicycles (um, yea, that’s logical!)  or c:  less traffic (it’s summer) = less willingness to wait?

Also definitely not liking the coaster brakes, but thinking the odds of it being quiet enough to get the Xtra hub fixed tomorrow at the co-op are nil.


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