Back in wireless land!

Down from the mountains and into the land of wireless, which is sort of like clipless in that it isn’t really a “less” thing. I was wireless in the mountains, too, for the most part.
Reading James Salter’s Solo Faces for Velosophie. Alas for my selfish soul it is as so many of what we’ve read, as it says on the back, “…novel about the ways men test themselves and the reasons they do it.”
You know what? I really don’t care that much why men test themselves. I’ve read the first four chapters and they are utterly hormonal. Man moves into shed. Woman takes him in, they chat and become lovers. He decides to go back to climbing. So far it’s extremely John Wayne – terse manly quips with hidden meanings that really aren’t hidden.
Somehow the whole cycling and philosophy mix (“velosophie”) consistently boils down to Men Testing THemselves. Granted there’s a 3:1 ratio in the mix but I’d have thought *talking* about The Testing Process broke the rules.

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