Got another quarter…

Went down Hanover Road (after cruising hte other residential streets) and then found “Race St.” which led to the Patapsco Park bike route.  It had poured there, but not on me 🙂  Took a few extra times up and down the hills in this little subdivision to get 25 miles.  Both here & Richmond are very much not the grid stuff talked up by the CHampaign planners (who said cul-de-sacs were Uncool because a grid meant traiffic was more distributed and it was easier for snowplows & emergency vehicles to get around). Here are the higher grades of hills that I sort of expected in Virginia (’cause they said there were hills).  I did granny gear a couple of times.

Right now it is just foggy enough for me not to want to get out there, ‘specially ’cause I don’t have that Hi-Viz jacket. And I need to figure out a way to get hte bike in the very back of the car ’cause I’ll be toting two passengers.  Quick release is a good thing 😉

Enjoyed Joel Gillespie’s article about a local “high-tech hobo” which somhow got me framed in an Art Mart page, so I clicked through to its home page… to find that, consistent with other aspects of  Lincoln Square, it’s “down for maintenance.” The commentary on is dated.\ (2005).. one of htese days I might go down and make an update.

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