Visiting kinfolks in Richmond, where I first joined a bike club.  Just enough time to sneak out and cruise the subdivision… now it’s off to the mountains up the 5-mile dirt road so my brother can fix the leaky toilet in the cabins where the wedding is. (“If you have a GPS, neither Rapidan Camp nor the unpaved road to get there are in it.  Rapidan is beyond the reach of cellphones, and has no zip code. Most cars can navigate the 5-mile dirt road up the mountain. We are planning to run a shuttle from either the nearest town (Criglersville) or (if the National Park will permit us) from Big Meadows along Skyline Drive. We’ll let you know the details, but if you have an SUV, Subaru, or other high ground-clearance vehicle, it should be able to make the trek.  Think twice before taking a Volkswagen car to camp.  If you rent a car, choose it wisely.”  — this is not exaggeration 😉  Thankfully my rental should work… but if not, there’s this bike in the back…

The bridal party will be dressed formally—tuxes and tea-length dresses (with full-length dress for the bride). We recommend afternoon formal, but not exceptionally fragile, dress. Anyone in jeans or shorts will be redirected to the nearby Bluegrass Festival. No spiky stiletto heels.”


One response to “Virginia

  1. No spiky stiletto heels? Then I’m not coming!!! 😉

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