Ride of Silence

….is about to happen.  Hoping things fall together so’s I can ride bikes next week. I hear music faintly, far away… ???  …

Just did my contracted “okay, I’m here before you, so I’ll slow a bit and then go” – and granted, becaue it’s the coaster brake, it didn’t slow much… and got a chastisement by a driver.  I stopped to say that yes, I could have stopped and paused and delayed both of us… and she said “THAT’S WHAT STOP SIGNS ARE FOR!”  As we parted, I said, “I was just trying to save you time, little witch…”  I *don’t* really like the coaster brakes in that situation… and I suspect she’d have had issues with *something* regardless. Or I can rationalize thus.

I just can’t be a “It’s the rule, so that’s why you should do it” person.  Okay, I *could* be.  I choose not to. I choose to think.

One response to “Ride of Silence

  1. I had nearly the opposite happen to me on the way home tonight. A truck across from me at the 4 way stop decided to go ahead and steal the right-of-way from me even though I clearly should have had it. I just gave him one of those hands in the air shrugs intended to communicate “What are you doing? Moron!”

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