Ride fo Silence

…. went very nicely.  21 riders but good coverage from WILL and channel 15 and News-Gazette.

I wonder if Jim Meadows has trouble grokking the whole bicyclists on streets thing… and just what it would take to get him to at least accept it.  I heard Frank Modica explaining why streets are safer to him, and when he talked to me he specifically asked about it when I said that parts of cycling were counterintuitive.  It reminded me of when over the air on WILL a reporter – quite possibly him – said we were getting a master plan for bikes and that cyclists rode on the streets “as a last resort.”  Yes, with a mess of emails it didn’t happen on the 7:30 version, but it sorta kinda sounds like there’s still disbelief.

I was also reminded of “regular people” at the meeting about the Tour de Builds ride. (Go sign up for it if you haven’t!)  The lady who’s going to be building & getting the house it will be funding was there, and the whole *concept* of riding on a bicycle for 3 miles was completely, utterly foreign to her.  I can’t think that the whole concept of doing things under your own power was totally foreign or she wouldn’t be doing Habitat for Humanity… but clearly, if you’re going more than a block, you’re getting in a car.  It’s an appendage of your being.  What a truly yukky appendage.

Oh, and twice there were police sitting in cars along our route watching us go by (of course, quite probably in those positions for entirely unrelated reasons).  It was right by the Illinois/Busey 4-way in Urbana, so I made  a point of Stopping.  Gary thought it had a Catholic, almost genuflective flair to it and I had to laugh since I had been thinking exacty the same and had even had prayerful thoughts. I haven’t actually genuflected in a loooong time, though. I’m in the choir, you see…Good heavens, if we all turned and genuflected ducking into pews for the HOmily we could hold Mass up for … and it’s funny, I tend to reverence with head and body, not knees… I think ’cause I’m afraid I will hurt something 😉

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