Fun Morning Ride

Took off at 6:15 with Geoff and Steve and … Kirsten or Jill?  … and Tony for Homer Lake.  Got to witness effective use of water bottle as dog deterrent by Tony, who’s got pretty darned good aim – and can wield the water bottle without swerving.  Hmm… p’raps I should go out to a parking lot and practice, myself.  First dog might have turned around anyway, but the second dog was comin’ on strong and Tony gave him a face ful and he acted as if it had blinded him and went off to the side of the road to sort things out.

Storms waited for me to get to Houlihan’s (with an extra margin, even), and then were done before we left, so I got in a nice 50 mile day.

Alas, I can’t get my Christmas lights to work now… I think too much bangin’ around in teh basket.  Should have ductaped ’em down more securely.  Would like to figure out how to find the important places to stick together and make circuits connect myself, ’cause I don’t imagine it’s too hard.

Another rainy day – but as yesterday, looking worse on radar than reality. Moonlight ride might be out of the question, though.

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