another ginormously gorgeomous day

bet not too many searches find that title : )

Rode in the short way but took the Trek out for a quick loop when I got back home. Yesterday, saw a guy on a unicycle (I keep wanting to say unicorn) heading West on Kirby – p’raps a middle schooler?

I wasn’t going too fast on my little loop, but I was gaining on a rabbit in the distance rather slowly… then not… then gaining again so I suspect he saw me but couldn’t sustain stay-ahead speed.  This may be my highest mileage week this season if things go well, and tonight started to feel like I could do justice to the Sangamon Valley Ride.  However, I didn’t ride enough to suppress my appetite and I proceeded to eat everything in sight, including leftover scrambled eggs…. day-after-long-ride hyperphagy is a real bunbite.

‘Way ‘way way too many ideas and things to do.  PCC meeitng Sunday but I *STILL* haven’t done the maps and pictures for Tour de builds.  Okay, tomorrow defiantly and definitely.  Or maybe tonight if I can knock off those two litle things first. And I was feeling overwhelmed, until I considered that gosh, there are MOMS out there in the world doing 15 times as much ;0  Off to stop frittering and start crossin’ stuff off the list.


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