a NICE day!

Snork.  I saw this in the “drafts” and thought, “why didn’t I post it?”  so I did, and then saw that it was blank excepting the title.

Two days of calm or slight tailwinds so I took the long way in, even cutting back to Philo Road to avoid the congestion at the 4-way at Windsor and Race… and ’cause that ends up taking less time ’cause I’m out on the mile-between-stop-signs territory sooner.  Remembered today that I could use the five mile stretch to see how off the ‘puter is, and it’s a full 3%, mebbe more.  (Since it only goes to tenths it’s not quite that easy – but being a single speed, it takes 61 half revolutions to go .1 miles according to it so I know where I stand unless I coast at each intersection.)

Saw exactly the same PT cruiser at Old Church and Mattis.  Same bus driver tho’ I was a minute behind today. Didn’t work quite as hard and I need to work in some stretching since I’m doing significantly more vigorous, muscle-tightening miles.

Did *not* get to the fixing-the-flat point last night … will try to call upon the goddess powers to try to hold off the rain coming this evening ’cause then I could get in a 40-mile day.

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