waters receding

Went in the long way and yes, the Racer is a sailboat.  Just the slightest east (tail) wind, and I could hold 15+ and take it higher when I got the urge.  (Yes, it is a bit of a bear cranking up the overpasses. Makes one strong.)  Passed several “water on road” signs which were no longer applicable; saw no mudded-down deer. Considered the four-way at Windsor and Race and decided since I left with a wider window to gamble and use half of it going eastward to Philo with the traffic light, and pondered a roundabout at Windsor/Race.  I dunno.  I do think I’d like it better than the four-way stop with 97 different lanes.

96 monthly miles at the end of yesterday.  Don’t know if I’ll gain or lose on the 33 1/3 average it takes to get 1000 miles in 30 days today, but the 19 is a good start.


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