Telescoping Lever

   Keep forgetting to write this up – I got a telescoping tyre levre because the tire on the Giant is a bunbite and a half to get on and off, the price I pay for the generator hub.   I used it down to the bike co-op and shared it.

   It really does help with the tough tires.  It is plastic and very breakable, so I wouldn’t get it for a shop ’cause I’d imagine most people find out it’s breakable the hard way, and you’re using it for jobs where you’re using lots of force (or as much as you can in my case ;)).  Be neat if there’s a more industrial version than the Nashbar one I got.

  SUnny this a.m. but storms on the horizon and it’s grey now.  It’s May!! 

   Fun to have your blog come back to visit you.  I found a reference to a neat article with the NSFW title “Get off the F*ing Road” (without the asterisk replacement) at bicycle meditations that I didn’t know was there, but the blogger found it through me.  It’s sweet.

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