The search :)

I love the dashboard at WordPress. I can discover that somebody found my blog looking for “leap into the fray.” What would possess somebody to search for “leap into the fray?”

Yes, I done it today.  I did a metric on the Schwinn – the 1968 Racer coaster brake special.  I knew that some older guy had done a metric on a South Carolina ride that Clyde volunteered at – on a crappy, rainy day, to boot – so I knew it could be done. (I think his was also a one speed, too, tho’ p’raps it was 3.) I am confident his average was better – but the middle 20 miles of mine was the Saunter ride that was rendered slower by the 25 mph winds. I did try to do scooting back and forth instead of stopping and regrouping when possible, but the conditions were such that we stopped every 2-3 miles or so – and we needed to.  And when we were heading into the cross winds and didn’t… welp, then the riders stopped because the wind was stopping them.  Then we got to sail home 😀 😀 😀 … but even then 19.1 was the max.  (The thing pretty much spins out around 23 mph.  I can only pedal so fast.)  So at the end of the day, I had 64 miles and 5:58.  Hey, it was over 10 mph! Puts me at 2120 for the year

Bike co-op went well.  Had a couple of drop-ins … one who’d just gotten a 1-spped coaster brake for a buck at a yard sale with no seat … but otherwise sound, and garage- kept so not even rusty.  A little air, a new seat… and the guy she came with bought one of the refurbished Magmas.  And so for about $50 they were both mobile.  It was also just not as crazy-busy as last week.

I’m on pace of 2007 but not 2008 as far as April miles go… but the total in 2007 was 10004 and 2008 was 8500.  Welp, I’ll try to get motivated to match 2007 (616) or chase 2008 (689) from current 556  with 5 days to go, none of ’em long-looking. Still 616 would be 10 miles a day and that’s almost hard *not* to do.

Yes. I am procrastinating. Time to write an article about research on spelling.

One response to “The search :)

  1. Congrats — that’s alot of miles on a coaster brake type!

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