Xtracycle short movie and Davenport “how to share the road”


From Linda Evans . “CLaire gets strong enough to leave her deadbeat boyfriend.”

And this from Davenport:


I have a cold.  I am sure it is caused by the fact that there’s a blood drive today, so I can’t give now.  When I saw the sign three weeks ago, I said to myself, “I’ll donate unless I have a cold.”  I guess myself didn’t want to donate or something.

Last night’s BPAC meeting was interesting and productive.  We did get to hear “public input” – talk about making an educational video about exactly how to share the road, specifically on *our* streets.  Then we got to hear the previous election’s mayoral candidate inform us that in his canvassing of the citizens they were irate over the horrible situation with the bike lanes on Philo ROad.  He wanted cyclists to be re-routed to Cottage Grove.  Had token positive things to say – bicyling is nice, but kindly know your place – and the typical assumptions (that road diets are dangerous adn cycling is a pretty pastime to do on nice neighborhood streets).  Oh, and a reason for re-routing that I hadn’t heard before – that the Philo Road area has a crime problem, and we shoudl go down those residential streets because criminals don’t like bicyclists as witnesses.  So, we’re supposed to only go down dark, crime-infested streets, thank you?   Good to know that education has proceeded to the point where a need to point out the positives is felt, and good to be reminded that we can’t just preach at the choir.

Not sure whether it’s a genuine language shift, but this was the second time in three weeks… four years ago, conversations about Biking in General with the General Public usually took four conversational interchanges before the General Public would say “and we need more bike paths!”  It was within the past two years, maybe one that the silly WILL radio news guy said that the Bicycle Master Plan was needed because cyclists had to, as a last resort, ride on the streets (!?!?)   Twice now, General Public People have said “bike paths” when they meant “bike lanes” – as in lanes on the streets.

I think I like it!


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