Everyday fun

I considered titling this “every day an adventure!”  but that would imply something (probably unpleasant) exciting happened.    No, but the rides yesterday & Monday had their pleasant moments.  Monday I blinked, so I didn’t *see* the five second get-the-bike-on-the-bus grace, ’cause it happened so fast.   Last night I enjoyed the vehicular Cannondaler who pulled to a stop behind me at Neil & Hessel’s eternal light (as opposed to running the light), then pulled around because a Cannondale accelerates faster than a Racer, and I noticed from (not very far ;)) behind him that he had a small band with a key on it dangling from his flat handlebars and wondered if that were for defensive purposes.  (Yes, I wonder if the bicyclist across the street might have run the light were it not for the presence of the two of us Not Running The Light.)

Interesting day in the lost and found department. 3 out of four painfully and recently departed items found (but one of ’em got to me via the volunteer director at the marathon).  I was a tad worried since I’m not up for another five month stretch living undocumented when I’ve got rental car plans.

63 and sunny.  I can deal 🙂


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