silly wordpress

I woudl have liked to do my comments on blogs under the wordpress umbrella.  It won’t let me.  It tells me I havent’ signed in (whether I have or not), and then when I do it says “good!  Now you can go finish your comment”  and then tells me I do *not* own this name.   Oh, well.

Still drizzly this a.m.  Last night I got pulled out on on campus – extremely predictable because hey, the two cars in front of her in the parking lot went, so she should, too.  I hollered at her to pay attention… and duly noted that I didn’t have my spokelit in the wheel (I am going to take one off the red bike to put on the Racer).

Champaign Cycle has a blog now 🙂 Must find time to add it to my links… but first must go and figure out where to meet for the baord meeting this Sunday.

NPR hurt me this morning.  I want to know whether it was a reading or a writing mistake (I’m thinking reading, and yes, I’m thinking Whole Language Victim).  Somebody was advocating for succession … from the country.  I want to make her copy and recite the word 1000 times.  Then tomorrow 500.  Then 250….

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