adding to the virality

Okay, you’ve probably already seen this, but it gets my viral vote anyway.  This is one of the longer youtube versions of Susan Boyle’s performance on “Britain’s got talent.”   Not because of the singing (which is good) but because “society” – a whole mess of people in an audience (is it all white all the time?)  – were won over somebody without stellar looks or stunning social skills.  (I rather agree with the commenter who suggested that the judge would have ripped her to shreds had the audience not been swayed.)  Oh, granted, it’s not like she had any *guaranteed* Official Loser Attributes –  but I like the statement it makes.  It’s a classic scene – except notably she doesn’t make her success by getting a makeover.

(Reminds me a little of the first time we saw Mary CHapin Carpenter in concert at Gallagher’s Pub on Connecticut Avenue – she might have been wearing that same dress.  Her voice was a different story…)

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