Still the Chill

In the 30’s when I left this a.m. Rode Racer – rear tire is holding air.  Mike was good to his word and I got a second look at the insides of that venerable hub with its brass brake shoes.  Went out for a longer spin and it was *hard* plowing into the wind and I was thinking that my front tire might be a little low… but the wind was at 20 mph so that could have been enough.   I also remembered Petunia Man… it was about this time of year when I passed the lady with the yellow coat on the red bike (me, too!)  and then passed the man who said without turning, “How’s my sweet Petunia?”  I stole that tenderness and and rode off with it and it’s tucked in my saddlebag forever.Do need to raise the seat some, too, though 😉

Want to get that computer working, though.  Trying to remember – was 90 rpm about 16 mph?  Ah, well, I want to make tomorrow a good mileage day… which means I”d **better** get Certain Things done so I get go to bed early enough to wake up early enough to Do Just That.  Yes, I know there’s rain in the forecast…

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